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Availability List for Delivery Friday April 22

Posted 4/19/2016 11:43am by Emily Best.

Spring is finally here!  Everyone here at TOG got a little too much sun over the weekend, but it’s all good: if we’re getting sun, so are the plants!  If these warm days and nights keep going, we’ll be in full swing in no time. Shelly, our production coordinator, is taking a couple days to visit growers and check on their asparagus, rhubarb, strawberries, and other spring items. Hopefully she’ll get some snapshots that I can share with you!   We’re now seeing the end of our root crops, so bear with us during the next couple weeks as we wait for spring items to come on strong.  Everyone here at TOG is filled with anticipation to get this season rolling.  


SPRING GARLIC: Spring garlic, also called green garlic, is just garlic harvested early before it has a chance to form a bulb. It has a lovely garlicky flavor without being too strong, and a great sign that the growing season is on its way.

SHALLOTS: Getting towards the end of our shallots! It’s good timing, since we’re starting to see spring onions coming on now!

GREENS MIXES: Lots of mesclun and sweet n spicy mixes for sales this week! We will have some other greens available but not too much quantity of anything else. We’re hoping to start seeing more spinach, kales, and chards coming back on soon, alongside many other items. But for now: greens mixes!

ORGANIC APPLE CIDER VINEGAR: One of our orchardists is now making his own Apple Cider Vinegar! We have one case of 6 x ½ gallon bottles, but there’s more available. We also can get cases of 4 x 1 gallon bottles. It is filtered but still “active.” We’re excited to carry this new local product for our grower!

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