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Availability List for Delivery Friday Feb 26

Posted 2/23/2016 10:54am by Emily Best.

We’ve all been watching the slow arrival of spring: the snow melting outside the windows, the sun staying up past 5 pm, and our lane developing the WORST POTHOLES you’ve ever experienced in your life. Another sign of spring: greens! Plants need a minimum amount of daylight to be productive, and we’re finally getting back to that time of year. Not promising anything but I think it’s likely we’ll have greens on the list each week from now on.

We’ve got claytonia back on the list, coming from Micah Schonberg and Bethany Spichler at Plowshare Produce in Huntingdon, PA. Claytonia is also known as “miner’s lettuce,” and is native to CA. It has a mild flavor and a delicate crunch so mix into a salad or use it to brighten your plate.


GREENS: order early! Can’t tell you this often enough. While we’ve got more greens, it’s still not an unlimited amount so to get what you want, order today or tomorrow!! Don’t wait til Thursday at 10 am to order your spinach!

SWEET POTATOES: @Food52 posted a photo of sweet potato waffles this morning and I’m just dreaming of how beautiful and delicious those waffles would be using our purple sweet potatoes… or regular orange. Just…sweet potato waffles. Wow.

CARROTS: I commend you all for your enthusiasm in purchasing maroon carrots…now show some love to our baby carrots. We’ve got baby maroon, baby orange, and baby mixed colors, and like all babies, they are cute!

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