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Availability List for Delivery Friday July 15

Posted 7/12/2016 12:39pm by Emily Best.

So, while we are hearing from growers that we will have millions of pounds of tomatoes coming soon, unfortunately this week we don’t have any heirloom tomatoes. Our main early grower came up short this week and so we only have the red hothouse available! But get ready! We will have more next week, we promise!   Other incoming items: peppers, eggplants, and okra! We are also hoping to have sweet corn soon! This week we have lots of blueberries to move!    


BEETS: Starting to see more types of beets come in. Right now, the most numerous  type of beets are the mixed variety beets, usually red, gold, Chioggia, and white beets. Summer beets are tender and sweet, great in salads.  

FENNEL: Mark Stanley at Help From Above has LOTS of fennel. We typically sell it in 10 lb cases but we can also do 20 lb if interested. There are about 24 heads in a 20 lb case. Very aromatic!

GOLD ZUCCHINI: Finally have a steady supply of gold zucchini. Brighten up your plate!

PARSLEY:  Available bunched or bulk, parsley is an excellent herb for fresh salads (tabbouleh, anyone)?

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