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Availability List for Delivery Friday March 4

Posted 3/1/2016 11:54am by Emily Best.

Wow, after the past few warm days it’s hard to believe that it’s only March 1! There’s no snow on the ground, the sky is blue, and the ground is slowly thawing. I can see the New Morning Farm hens outside exploring their yard, eating up all the bugs. And soon, our farmers will be back out in the field.

The list is looking great right now for our Friday deliveries. As I expected, we’re getting in a flush of baby greens: arugula, chard, mesclun, sweet n spicy, spinach, etc. PLUS! Lots of MICROGREENS!

In co-op news, we have our second Crop Improvement meeting of the season on Thursday. We’re meeting at Bending Bridge Farm, where young farmers Cameron and Audrey grow for their CSA and markets. They also grow those super cute Fairy Tale Eggplants you’ll see on the list in late summer. We have an exciting agenda for this meeting: food safety with the whole group, then breakout groups to discuss crops of interest, like alliums, brassicas, and cucurbits.

Highlights: Weirdo Crops!

Yacon: Have you tried yacon? Originating in Peru, yacon is similar to jicama or water chestnut in flavor and texture (aka it’s crunchy and mild with an earthy sweetness). It’s known as the “Peruvian Ground Apple,” which is sort of strange to think about, especially if you know that the potato is known as the ground apple in French (pomme de terre) and potatoes come from Peru, but anyway… Our yacon is grown by Gerald Smith in Bedford County, and we definitely think it’s worth trying!

Burdock: Popular in East Asia, burdock is another root vegetable that needs some love. Grown by Rufus Stoltzfus of Sunny Meadow Farm in Path Valley, burdock can be braised with carrots, juiced, or pickled. We’ve got a few cases on hand but if you’re interested in a bigger order, we’ll need a few days heads up as Rufus doesn’t have a phone!

Baby Mustard Greens: Super tender and flavorful, our baby mustard greens can be a part of a fresh, bright salad, or sauté for quick side dish. This week, the mustards are coming from Elim and Sarah Beiler of Breezy Hill Farm.

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