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Availability List for Delivery Tuesday Feb 23

Posted 2/19/2016 11:58am by Emily Best.

Natalie, Shelly and I went out to Path Valley yesterday afternoon for the first of our two annual crop improvement meetings. Yesterday’s meeting was focused more on hearing from our growers, some of their frustrations and suggestions and ideas for the future. Our co-op has a long history and has been growing, especially over the past handful of years. It’s harder to hear everyone’s voice when there are 45+ member growers compared to a dozen growers. It takes more time, and not everyone wants to speak up at first. So it’s a process. The meeting had a great turnout and our conversation was productive. We all left feeling upbeat and accomplished, and have heard from a couple participants that they felt the same way. We all have the same bottom line here at TOG: sell more organic, local produce. Sometimes we might disagree about the best way to do it, but in the end, we want our farmers to keep farming.

GREENS: Order early, a short list this week. Good week to buy some baby spinach!

RADISHES: Noticed a lot of Watermelon Radishes on IG this week! They’re so beautiful. So are the purple radishes! Gotta admit though: when we order big quantities of radishes from Country View Farm, farmer Lydia Zook makes us a big batch of homemade donuts…

MIXED CASES: We’ve got a good quantity of mixed beets, mixed color carrots, and mixed winter radishes. Get some variety and color on your plates.

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