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Availability List for Delivery Tuesday July 19

Posted 7/15/2016 11:47am by Emily Best.

Starting to see garlic appear on the list. Right now, we mostly have fresh garlic, uncured, which has a milder flavor than cured garlic. Fresh garlic is a short season—we won’t have it for long!  

The hot and muggy weather is still affecting the production of greens right now; all we have available are bunched greens. No lettuce or baby greens mixes available at the moment.  

This time last year, we were starting to see melons and tree fruits come in. We’re hearing from growers that everything is a couple weeks behind, so be patient! We’re all anxiously awaiting these sweet arrivals.  


CABBAGE: Jake Stoltzfus at Sunrise Farm has produced a huge crop of summer cabbage this year – we have green cabbage and red cabbage, at various sizes. Time to make some slaw!  

ONIONS: Soo many onions available right now. Sweet, red, sweet red, all sizes, etc. I personally love a good sweet onions – gentle on the eyes and the stomach, and they cook up so nice.  

KALE: Without lettuce available, go for a kale salad: lightly massage the leaves for a fresh green (or red!) salad.  

PEA SHOOTS: Missing peas already? Enjoy some pea shoots and remember that delicate sweet flavor. Plus, since we don’t have a lettuce mix available, these pea shoots could help fill that empty spot on the plate.

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