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Availability List for Delivery Tuesday March 1

Posted 2/26/2016 10:57am by Emily Best.

LATE ADDITION to the list: PURPLE HAZE CARROTS, 10#, $25!!!!


As February comes to a close, the snow is melting and the creek is running high. We’re hearing rumors that there might soon be basil coming in from one of our growers…could winter really be coming to an end? We shall see…At least this weekend will be warm! Looks like Saturday will be a great day for the Rooting DC event—if only we were a bit closer, have been meaning to check out that event.

Meanwhile, we’ve still got lots of wonderful root crops to sell. Check out purple radishes coming from Country View Farm, so lovely on the inside. We’ve also got lots of classics left: red French shallots, orange carrots, red beets. Our greens availability took a bit of a dive this week with the cloudy wet weather we’ve been seeing, so while the list is short for Tuesday, we’re hoping this warm weather encourages growth for Friday deliveries.


GREENS: Few cases here, few cases there this week. Chards are the most abundant. Baby Tres Fine Frisee Endive is back, and got in a few baby green kale.

HERBS: we’re seeing a decent supply of Rosemary, Cilantro, Spearmint…more herbs will be appearing soon. Think about pairing your carrots and beets with some fresh herbs, a wonderful way to perk up a winter dish!

RED FRENCH SHALLOTS: Our shallots come from Mark Stanley at Help from Above Farm, and he’s got them in ideal storage conditions, so they are still at peak quality, even at the end of winter.

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