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Availability List for Delivery Tuesday March 8

Posted 3/4/2016 11:46am by Emily Best.

There is really nothing like the process of planting a seed, tending the soil, and watching the baby plant emerge and start to grow. Many of our farmers are in their greenhouses now, starting their seeds and hoping for warm sunny days to encourage them to grow!

Our grower meeting was productive yesterday: we had a good discussion about food safety plans, proper winter storage, and overall co-op communication. We also enjoyed a casual lunch which was surprisingly cross-cultural: Steve, an Amish grower, was unfamiliar with hummus and pita, and somehow the conversation ended up with Natalie teaching Steve and a few other growers about the growing popularity of the man-bun. Good times.

Highlights: Ye Olde Winter Standards

Red beets: Saw an Instagram post about a beetroot ravioli…just an idea. I’m lazy with beets: we thinly slice them, steam them, then “pickle” them in olive oil and vinegar with some fresh herbs like oregano or basil (when in season). Always a classic.

Orange carrots: Our carrots are as crunchy and crisp as the day they were harvested, full of great flavor and nutrition. Just because these carrots are the standard orange doesn’t mean they don’t deserve some love!

Sweet potatoes: also known as yams (although that’s a misnomer), these golden sweet potatoes will surely enrichen any plate they land on with their sweet flavor and bright color

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