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For August 2

Posted 7/29/2016 11:44am by Emily Best.

Tomatoes are a-coming. Spoke with one of our biggest heirloom growers yesterday and he told me that within the next 10 days, we should be seeing extremely high volumes of the heirlooms coming out of the fields. We’re already starting to see lots of field tomatoes, and with these high temps and sunny days, they should all be ripening quick! So if you are planning your menus or your stores’ special deals, keep our tomatoes in mind!   I also touched base with our grape grower up in NY State and he reports that it’s very dry up there, which means the grapes will have a high sugar content! He’s expecting the first harvest to come in at the end of August.   Lots of great items on the list for Tuesday: eggplants are starting to come in, as are more hot peppers, and LOADS of melons. Seriously. Eat some melons, make some watermelon gazpacho, salad, juice, whatever you need to do!    


BABY CARROTS: Ok, not so glamorous. But we’ve got lots of mixed color baby carrots and deep purple baby carrots, so many that they are on a special deal this week to try to move ‘em out!  

SLICING CUCUMBERS #2: We are hearing from several growers that it is NOT a good year for cucumbers, and our numbers are reflecting that. We are getting in lots of 2nds cucumbers, which are a bit uglier than they should be because they’ve got some bug damage and/or scarring. But they are perfect for soups, juice, or salads.  

MELONS: Leaving this one on here because it’s just that time. So many varieties and sizes!  

NEW POTATOES: Lots of gold and red new potatoes still available. This season won’t last forever; in another 6-8 weeks we’ll start bringing in regular old thicker skinned taters.

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