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For Dec 9

Posted 12/6/2016 11:03am by Emily Best.

It’s officially been a year since Natalie and I started at Tuscarora! What a year it’s been…we’ve weathered the great heirloom tomato flood of 2016, found a new cranberry supplier at the last minute, invented new pack sizes to help move more produce, and learned a lot about our coop, our growers, and our customers. Thanks for making it such a special year. We are looking forward to the year to come!

Mark your calendars: We will be CLOSED for the Christmas holiday Dec 26th and 27th (meaning NO DELIVERIES on Tuesday the 27th). We will be open as normal all other days, included January 2nd and 3rd – we will deliver as usual on Tuesday the 3rd.  


FRESH PEANUTS: Elim Beiler at Breezy Hill has been trialing peanut growing and his harvest this year is in! We’ve got a few cases of raw peanuts to move – it’s a one shot deal, but a great item to have available!  

GARLIC: Lots of garlic left to sell this year! Red, purple striped, and a little bit left of white – all varieties are flavorful and pungent.  

BUNCHED RED KALE & COLLARDS: Our order from Eastern Carolina Organics came in yesterday and everything looked amazing! The green kale sold quick and so we’ve still got lots of red Russian kale and collards to move. Plus bunched green onions, too!  

BABY GREENS: Debra Brubaker at Village Acres has had a big harvest this week of several greens, including baby red Russian kale, baby arugula, and baby mesclun greens. Other grows also have had big harvests so check out our baby greens availability. We are happy to pack in 5 lb cases if interested, but please let us know by WEDNESDAY 3 pm if you want 5 lbs. Limited availability.

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