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for Friday April 29

Posted 4/26/2016 11:57am by Emily Best.

SALAD SEASON! Check out this list, guys. We have GREENS GALORE: baby kales, baby lettuce mixes, mesclun mixes, baby arugula, broccoli raab, bok choi, baby spinach, ETC! Hallelujah, spring has sprung!

It’s Election Day in PA (and MD) and while I won’t wax political in this space, I believe strongly in the responsibility to vote, so I was so excited this morning to vote for the first time in my new town in Fulton County.

News from the field: just heard the news from farmer Stevie Stoltzfus that his best plow horse just had a colt! Congrats, Steve!


Spring Garlic: We’ve got this spring delight in both BULK and BUNCHED cases. And now at a 3 case discount price!

Asparagus: FINALLY!  It’s here!

GREENS: Are you interested in bulk cases of some of our greens?  We are offering 5# cases of the following items: Baby Lacinato Kale Baby Green Kale Baby Sweet’n’Spicy Baby Mesclun Mix (tentative – coming from Amish grower) Baby Arugula (tentative—coming from Amish grower)  

These cases are $52.50 for 5#. If you’re interested in this fabulous deal, please let us know by 12 pm WEDNESDAY. These items won’t be on the list so please reach out to Emily, Natalie, or Tim with your orders. Thanks!

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