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For Friday Aug 12

Posted 8/9/2016 12:45pm by Emily Best.

You’ll see a few early apples (#2 quality) and early pears from our orchardist, Benjamin Peachy. We’ll hopefully have more apples and pears coming soon. Unfortunately no more peaches this season – the early warm spell and following frost destroyed his season. But the apples and pears are looking good so far!    


CANTALOUPES: Our cantaloupe supply is going strong, especially the 6-9 ct size. Sweet, juicy, and delicious (and hydrating on these hot days!).  

EGGPLANT: Starting to see a steady supply of Italian eggplants available. I’m not a huge eggplant fan, but I roasted a couple this week and then made some quick baba ghanoush in my blender. Delicious! We’re also seeing some specialty and baby eggplants available.  

MT MAGIC: Mt. Magic tomatoes are available two ways: in 10 lb flats or as “cocktail tomatoes” in qts. Mt. Magic are like a super charged red cherry tomato, and are grown primarily because they are resistant to late blight (no sign of that yet this year). But they are also delicious, and a perfect size. Great for salads, particularly.  

BASIL: Still hanging on! We’ve heard that the basil downy mildew has been spotted in NJ and Western PA, but no sign of it here yet, so we’re still able to offer basil. Last year we ran out before tomato season really got going, but fortunately this year, we can still offer this classic combo!

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