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For Friday Aug 19

Posted 8/16/2016 12:35pm by Emily Best.

The weather up here has been so strange lately: it’s currently SUNNY and RAINING at the same time. The past week has been the same—pop up storms, sunny patches, high humidity. Very uncomfortable conditions for the farmers out in the field!  

Melons are still going strong this week and we’re hearing from the growers that they have 2nd plantings yet to harvest. So keep eating those melons, folks. There are more to come! 


OKRA:  These last few weeks of high temperatures is finally paying off, at least in terms of our OKRA availability! Finally, we are seeing a large supply of okra. We can even put it on a 3-case discount price this week! If you’ve been craving this peak summer item, now’s the time. Pickle, grill, fry – lots of options for okra.  

JALAPENO PEPPERS: LOTS of these beautiful peppers available this week. Great in a stir fry, pickled, or to heat up your gazpacho, these peppers are spicy without being intimidating. If you’re interested in large quantity bulk pricing, let us know.  

GOLD POTATOES: Steven Hostetler at Back Forty Farm wants to move these gold potatoes while they’re still new, so we’ve dropped the price. These are TASTY potatoes. Small and mediums are most plentiful, but we’ve got a few larges and minis hanging around too. Excellent in a salad with green beans, shallots and fresh herbs.  

PEARS: We are getting in the first of the autumn fruits: Bartlett Pears. We have these in number 1 and number 2 quality. The number 2s look really great – just a couple of dings or dents, nothing soft or rotten, so consider the number 2s for baking, juicing or processing.

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