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For Friday Dec 30

Posted 12/23/2016 10:25am by Emily Best.

Happy Holidays! This list is for delivery FRIDAY DECEMBER 30th. Feel free to email your order at any time, or leave a voicemail. The office is closed Saturday Dec 24th – Tuesday Dec 27th. We will follow up with orders on Wednesday the 28th.  

Getting into the time of year where greens are very dependent on sunlight and warmth. You’ll notice sweet & spicy on the tentative list – our grower tells us it just depends on how things go. We do plan to have chard, arugula, and baby lettuce!    


MIXED COLOR CARROTS: Grower Daniel Beiler is an expert color carrot producer and he’s ready to sell sell sell these lovely roots. Ask us about special deals/pack sizes!  

BABY LETTUCE: Need some crispy crunch on your plates? Mark Stanley’s baby lettuce heads will do the job. An awesome offering this time of year.  

RADISHES: A standard and winter classic, lots of colorful radishes are available (and will be, for many months!)  

SWEET POTATOES: Versatile, colorful, and sweet, we have several varieties of sweet potatoes available, including the classic Beauregard (the regular 40 lb cases).  


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