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For Friday Jan 20

Posted 1/17/2017 12:17pm by Emily Best.

Inauguration DC update: We will be delivering as per usual for customers in DC as we have heard from many of you that plan to be open (and busy)!  Please note: we may have more difficulties than usual with traffic. We will be able to predict our times a little better on Thursday PM and if any timeslots are much different than usual, we will be in touch with you directly.  

Did any of you see Natalie at FHCASA or the Arcadia Farmer-Chef Happy Hour? This time of year is such a contradiction as production and sales slowdown but the events ramp up, and suddenly we’re driving all over the place to attend as much as we can! It’s always great to be out and about and meet as many of you as we can face-to-face!  

This may be the last coversheet from me (Emily) in a while as I will be starting my leave at the end of this whether the baby has come or not! See you in the spring!


CABBAGE: Our own growers have finally run out of cabbage so we are bringing some in from Porter Farms in NY. We will have both green cabbage and red cabbage available.  

RED ONIONS: The red onions on the list are also from Porter Farms in NY!  

JERUSALEM ARTICHOKES: Folks, it’s time to put these on your menu! It’s mid-January. If not now, when? If you don’t want to spark political controversy, just call them sunchokes!  

RUTABAGA: Another classic winter vegetable, the rutabaga is always forgotten. Mash with potatoes and celeriac, roast with carrot, carve like a pumpkin if you’re feeling nostalgic for Halloween.

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