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For Friday Jan 6

Posted 1/3/2017 12:07pm by Emily Best.

Check out the list: I’ve brought back the “winter greens” section on the first page of the sales list, including any microgreens or shoots that we have available. It’s a one stop shop for anything leafy (besides cabbage and herbs)!  

We will have gold potatoes this week from a grower in PA. You’ll notice both red potatoes and all-blue potatoes from Maine are on the tentative list. We are expecting them both to arrive on Thursday but there’s a chance we won’t get them in.  

We’re getting ready to have our Annual Meeting with all member growers next week. It’s our one time each year to gather, discuss the year in the review, and look forward to the next season. We’re also nearly completed with our crop planning for next year, just a few farm visits left to go. Many of our farmers have already begun purchasing seeds, and soon they will begin some of their earliest crops in the greenhouse. The cycle begins anew.  


RED BEETS: We’re seeing a low supply this year in gold beets but the RED beets are strong! Make your new year’s a sweet one with some beets!  

WATERMELON RADISHES: These lovely radishes look plain on the outside but inside they’re a burst of pink. Perk up a plate or salad with some watermelon radishes (and think of actual watermelons while you’re chopping them up)…  

SCARLET TURNIPS: Continuing with the red theme, scarlet turnips can be eaten raw or cooked. Scarlet turnips are a bit more mild than a purple top. We have these available in baby, regular size (1.5-3 inches ideally) and XLG.

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