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For Friday July 1

Posted 6/28/2016 12:03pm by Emily Best.

Things are certainly getting busy for our growers and for the staff here at TOG, but that means good things for all of you - so many options for fresh, delicious, local produce!  We WILL be making our regular delivery runs on July 5th, so keep that in mind!

Yesterday I attended a Food Safety meeting in Harrisburg, and heard from the PA Secretary of Agriculture what the state will be doing to prepare for some of the new laws coming up. Our growers are concerned about increased regulation but I’m confident that together we will be able to ensure a safe food supply AND profitable, functional small farms.  


Basil: Pesto, tomato sauce, paired with fresh sliced tomato and mozzarella! Yum, yum, and yum! So many possibilities!

Collards: Someone once suggested to me to steam collards and use them as the wrap in fresh spring rolls. That was a SMART someone.

Kale: ‘Tis the season for kale! We are waist deep in green kale and lacinato. Diva Cucumbers: Get these smooth-skinned cucumbers while they’re still here!


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