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For Friday July 22

Posted 7/19/2016 11:19am by Emily Best.

We’re sorry to report that the tomato forecast is still slow. Hearing from growers every day that they will be coming soon… But we’ve got lots of these beautiful patty pan squash instead!    

Baby greens are back, we’re seeing a few melons, and possibly some sweet corn are arriving this week. We’re also starting to see more peppers coming in.  

Many of our herbs are in very small quantities so please order those early. We can also do pre-orders for herbs; if this is something you’re interested in, please contact Emily or Natalie.      


CARROTS: Lots of carrots of all colors currently available. Carrots aren’t just for winter (though we’ll have a steady supply through March)!  

RADISHES: Our farmers just love planting radishes—we’ve got many varieties for this time of year, especially the Easter Egg mix (an awkward name for mid-summer, but we’ll take it). Looking for something to pickle? Try some cute radishes!  

GREEN PEPPERS: The flood of green peppers has begun. We’re seeing these crunchy bells coming in strong. Soon, we’ll have more colored bell peppers, but for now, go for green.  

YELLOW SQUASH: Green and raven zucchini are in a bit of a slump right now, with our growers between plantings, but we do have lots of yellow squash available. Tastes just as a good as the green varieties!

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