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For Friday July 29

Posted 7/26/2016 10:41am by Emily Best.

Don’t look any further, folks, because we can meet ALL of your tomato needs! Lots of sungolds, heirlooms, and red field tomatoes.  Let’s move these ‘maters! Talk to us about special large order pricing if interested.   While the hot temps are great for the produce—the melons get sweeter, the tomatoes ripen, and the peppers grow—we’re hearing from our farmers that they’re struggling with the recent lack of rain. Pray for rain or do a rain dance for us – even our growers with irrigation are seeing their ponds shrinking and their creeks drying up.    

HIGHLIGHTS:   RED FIELD TOMATOES: I think it’s officially gazpacho time! Lots of tomatoes of all colors available right now – and the red field tomatoes are coming on strong.  

BELL PEPPERS MIX: While we wait for full cases of red, orange and yellow bells, check out our mixed bell peppers – a lovely mix of peppers of all colors. These beauties perk up any grocery display, grilling skewer, or salad plate.  

MELONS: Of all shapes and sizes (well, not quite). Loads of cantaloupes coming in, lots of watermelons, and a large variety of size options for you to choose from. I can’t wait to eat more watermelon. The perfect ingredient for this hot weather!  

BEETS: Beets aren’t just for the fall and winter! We have lots of beets now—gold, Chioggia, red—and they are just great steamed or very thinly sliced, raw, for the summer. I like a fresh beet refrigerator “pickle:” a little olive oil and vinegar, and herb of your choice, let marinate overnight and enjoy a refreshing side dish the next day.

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