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For Friday June 10

Posted 6/7/2016 11:44am by Emily Best.

I love this photo from Bending Bridge Farm – you can tell it’s the early morning because the fog is lifting off the creek in the distance. It’s a very familiar sight for me because the mornings at New Morning Farm were similar—clear blue sky, fog coming up, the humidity sticking to your skin. Mornings like these meant you’d be sweating hard all day, but that evening exhausted feeling would be just so satisfying.          


STRAWBERRIES! Many of you have been ordering our strawberries and we’re definitely getting into peak season at this point. I’ve been enjoying all the social media posts of our beautiful berries, keep ‘em coming!  

GARLIC SCAPES: Just starting to see these come in – we can expect scapes for the next 3 weeks or so, as our growers start prepping their garlic plants to produce bulbs. Hardneck garlic plants produce these scapes, which are the flowering stems, and our growers pluck them out so the plant focuses its energy into making big bulbs instead of a flower. They have a tangy garlic flavor so use them as you would garlic, or be aggressive and use them as a crunchy flavorful vegetable. Or make pesto!  

COLLARD GREENS: Lots of these versatile greens coming in! Give them a chance – great for fresh wraps or collard sushi (Can we make that a thing?)

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