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For Friday June 17

Posted 6/14/2016 11:19am by Emily Best.

The summer sure is off to a slow start… every day we are hoping that the list bulks up but all we’re seeing is greens! I suppose we shouldn’t complain; only 6 months ago we were complaining there weren’t enough greens. And, sorry to say, but seems like our strawberry season has come to an abrupt end.  

We are starting to see more summer squash come in, especially the dark green ravens. You’ll also see some “Number 2” squash on the list. A few of our growers suffered a hail storm last week and many of their crops were damaged. The Number 2 squash has small pockmarks from hail. We think this should still be fine for restaurants/soup producers and you’ll find it at a lower price point.  

I had never seen fava beans growing before last week, when I visited Country View and they showed me their bean patch, just about ready to pick. We hopefully will have more of these beans available for Friday delivery.  


Costata Romanesco Zucchini: I’ve noticed that this squash is a much slower seller than the raven zucchini. Can anyone tell me why? The costata is so flavorful and nutty, crunchy, and looks much more interesting the boring old ravens! And it’s an heirloom variety!  

White Hammon Sweet Potatoes: This is it, folks, til the fall. Buy ‘em up now while you still can.  

Scallions: Still lots of these coming out of the fields! So flavorful.  

Garlic Scapes: would be delicious with some scallions, some costata zucchini, a little fresh basil thrown in at the end…delightful!

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