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For Friday June 3

Posted 5/31/2016 11:51am by Emily Best.

What a difference a week makes: it’s now sweltering, hot and humid here in central PA! The veggies are soaking up the sun and growing fast now. We’re hearing that snap peas and summer squash are right around the corner. Strawberries are ripening as fast as the farmers (and their workers) can pick them.    

Did you know that our farmers are also some of our biggest customers? Our growers use the co-operative as a back-up option to their own production so that they can offer their farmer’s market customers and CSA members the best selection possible.  


Bunched greens:  Getting in lots of rainbow chard and bunched kale!  

Diva Cucumbers: Finally seeing a big supply of cucumbers. I love cucumbers with dill, spring onions, and spring garlic, either with vinegar or with yogurt. Or just sliced thin on a salad. Or dipped in hummus.  And, like many other divas, these have a thin skin!  

Bitter greens: Bring some tangy to your menus. Mustard greens and baby curly cress are both growing fast and our farmers have a lot of them. The baby mustard greens mix is a versatile blend and can be eaten fresh for a salad or quickly cooked. The baby curly cress is best used as an herb or garnish and has a horseradish-like flavor. Try something new!

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