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For Friday March 25

Posted 3/22/2016 12:52pm by Emily Best.

Now it’s spring, but it’s cold again, brr. However, many farmers are still seeing an uptick in production of greens, herbs, and other spring items. Check out baby arugula, baby mesclun, and young green kale. All these greens are at peak deliciousness since they’ve spent their time growing in cool temperatures and are being finished off during this cold snap!

We are still figuring out for this week whether we will be delivering the first batch of plants on Thursday or Friday – we will let everyone know ASAP once we’ve got it figured it out. We’ll be sending out on Friday what will be available next week. And just a reminder that your plant orders need to be in MONDAYS at 3 pm.


GREENS: Baby arugula, baby mesclun, and green kale, lots available and it’s just so pretty (and fresh, delicious, and healthy).  Also: check out the braising greens mix – a tasty blend of baby kales and collard greens.

GARLIC:  We’ve got a few cases of spring garlic available, plus several cases each of small garlic bulbs and 2nds garlic bulbs. The 2nds are just a bit uglier on the outside. We love having local organic garlic on the list this time of year!

PARSNIPS: Just heard from our parsnip grower that he just dug up a fresh batch of parsnips. After hanging out in the ground all winter, these roots should be sweeter than ever!

CARROTS: still going strong! Lots of colors, sizes, packs available!

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