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For Friday May 27

Posted 5/24/2016 11:37am by Emily Best.

The sky is blue, clear, and no clouds are in sight! Hopefully it stays this way, because we’re hearing rumors about the beginning of STRAWBERRY season.  The berries need SUN to ripen. None yet for today but keep an eye out, maybe we’ll have some for Tuesday.

In TOG office news, Natalie found a tiny baby kitten by the side of the road last week, and it’s become our new office pet. Most of the time little Toggle (maybe??) is sleeping, but he is super loud when awake so if you call and hear some screeching, it’s the kitten. Super cute though.  


BABY SPINACH & ARUGULA: Lots of baby greens incoming. Great for salads, sandwiches, side dishes, smoothies and more.

BUNCHED GREENS: Finally, some bunched greens! A few varieties of kale, some rainbow chard, and a few collard greens too! Buy these quick cuz they’re not going to last long out there. 

‘SHROOMS: Still need to move a lot of mushrooms… if you’re interested in portabellas or creminis, we can cut you a GREAT DEAL. Get in touch if you’re interested!

HERBS: As we wait for more variety to appear on the list, I’m going to bang the herbal drum again: folks! Buy some herbs. We have a lot now because many of the perennial herbs seem to explode in growth this time of year. That’s why you will see flowering sage, thyme, and chives on the list—the plants are just SO EXCITED that it’s warm again.

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