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For Friday Sept 23

Posted 9/20/2016 12:25pm by Emily Best.

WOW: after a long summer, we’re finally starting to see our greens supplies rebound. Our greens are loving these cooler nights and shorter days.  Look out this week for lots of bunched green like kale, chard, collards; head lettuce, baby greens, and lots of microgreens too.  

As expected, we are getting in a large delivery of the first harvest of concord grapes on Thursday. We’ll also have a more limited quantity of Agawam Pink and Niagara Green grapes. We also will have a FEW cases of pawpaws – only a handful so please order these ASAP.   Y

ou’ll notice that our broccoli crowns are listed as “super tentative” – our broccoli has been selling VERY fast, and the supply hasn’t been keeping up. We are trying to bring in more but it’s not confirmed. If you’re interested, please let us know and we will get back to you as soon as we hear what will be coming in.  


GREEN LEAF LETTUCE: Landisdale Farm is offering us LOTS of green leaf lettuce – we haven’t had this product in quantity for quite some time, and since it’s been so cool, this lettuce should be beautiful and crisp with a delightful flavor.  

RAINBOW CHARD: Another item we’ve been short on all season is finally back in quantity. Available in 12 ct cases.  

GREEN BEANS: New Morning Farm has been struggling to keep the deer off their bean patch, and after finally installing an electric fence, they’ve got beans once again! We’re thrilled to have these back on the list. Should be available in good quantities through next week.  

WHITE SWEET CORN: New Morning’s at it again, sending us a bunch of cases of white sweet corn. Don’t miss out!

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