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For Friday Sept 30

Posted 9/27/2016 12:38pm by Emily Best.

Finally feeling the fall vibes around here, although we have started to notice that it’s getting dark awfully early!  

Steve from Let’s Grow Local shot this pic of abundant sweet potatoes (and an inquiring pup) and it’s made us all so hungry for sweet potatoes! And look at those lovely pumpkins up top – I heard from grower Solomon Beiler of Limestone Acres that he’s had a large harvest of Long Island Cheese Pumpkins. We’ll have these available in large quantities (and in cases) next week.  

I will be out of the office Thursday and Friday at a meeting in Cleveland, OH—Natalie and Taylor will be holding down the fort.  


BABY ARUGULA: Seeing an abundance of this mildly spicy green. We dropped the price a couple bucks so work this item into your fall menus!  

BROCCOLI: As the weather cools, the broccoli will be sweeter and takes on a darker green color. The broccoli this week is coming from Martin’s Homestead, a grower farther north, and from New Morning Farm. We also have several cases of florettes – cut fresh from the plant, small “heads,” great for soup making or for market sales.  

POTATOES: We’re starting to get in fall harvest potatoes. We are hearing from our growers that we won’t have many Large potatoes available this year due to poor growing conditions. We’ll be offering MEDIUMS through October and then we do plan to order in some cases of LG potatoes from our friends in Maine. This will be clearly marked on the list and I’ll give a head’s up when we are starting to make those available. For now, our potatoes will be on the small side!  

PARSLEY: Just a quick note that there’s a mistake on the list showing Parsley available in 1 lb units – we only have it in ½ lbs and bunches (but we have a good bit of it and it’s great this time of year!)

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