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For June 7

Posted 6/3/2016 10:46am by Emily Best.

It’s June! Finally! We’re starting to see squash blossoms and baby zucchinis pop up on the list (in small supply for now), and we’re hearing that peas will be appearing soon too. Time for the best eats!  

I want to thank everyone for getting their orders in early, especially for the Friday deliveries. When we have the majority of our orders in on Wednesdays, it gives us a chance to increase our grower orders if needed, which means less shortages where possible. It also means that our growers can deliver their produce on time Thursday, so that our dock workers can get their work done in an efficient manner. Everything is just smoother that way. Fridays are definitely our bigger sales day, so keeping things running well helps out EVERYONE. So, again, THANK YOU!  

All of our cucumbers right now are coming from high tunnels, where the farmers can protect these sensitive crops from early spring low temperatures. The cukes need lots of sunny days to grow and thrive.  


HERBS: Have you been buying herbs? If not, now’s the time to start. Our herbs are always freshly picked, and so so flavorful.  

SPRING RADISHES: With the heat, the bunched radishes are over. But we still have a nice supply of small radishes now in bulk. Lots of beautiful colors available!  

KALE: Ok, ok. I know that kale hit its peak in …2012? But still! Kale is amazing. And our spring kale is SUPER tender. I go for kale chopped up and mixed with lettuce in a salad (no massaging necessary). And now that we’re seeing lots of kale coming in, the prices will reflect the abundance!

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