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For May 10

Posted 5/6/2016 10:48am by Emily Best.

Last week I wrote about the cool wet weather and again today I must comment that it’s been cool and wet ALL week. And the forecast doesn’t look much better. It’s tough for the farmers when it’s this wet: spring time is when they’re out prepping their fields, but you can’t drive a tractor when your field is too wet. The lack of sunlight is also slowing down many hot items like asparagus. We know many of you weren’t able to get what you want this past week—it’s frustrating for all of us not to be able to supply the demand.

Monday will probably be the last day for Ramp availability – what a short season!


BRAISING GREENS: Not an especially sexy title but I highly recommend this greens mix. It’s a mix of young kales, chards and mustards. This item is coming from Eric Lichty, farmer at Shoestring Acres.

BABY MIZUNA: Spice things up with some baby mizuna coming from the Zooks at Country View Farm in Path Valley.

BASIL: We’re getting in enough basil to carry it now in 1 lb case, plus we’ve dropped the price!

BULK GREENS: We’ve got a few 5# kales on the list, plus we will have a few Sweet n Spicy’s we can order in 5# ($52.50). Please let us know!  

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