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For May 13

Posted 5/10/2016 10:23am by Emily Best.

Finally, we’re starting to see some new items come in! Not that the weather has improved much but it seems like items are actually starting to grow. We’re seeing significant amounts of rhubarb coming in, plus some bunched radishes and baby sweet white turnips. Asparagus is still a bit tentative unfortunately.

Still looking at a forecast of mostly rain and clouds so don’t hold your breath over strawberries. Seemed like yesterday’s berries were some wishful thinking; we’re now looking at a normal state of early June, unfortunately! But it’ll be here before you know it.

Our first sales day without Tim went pretty well, I think. Always an interesting experience to be training someone new, especially when both Natalie and I are still learning! Thank you to those who have been understanding of all of our newness and going with flow!


FRESH Radishes: Got some beauties on the list this week – Easter Egg in 3 lb bulk, and French Breakfast and Red radishes bunched with the greens attached. They’ve been selling fast so don’t wait!

Rhubarb: I saw in the Washington Post a roundup of savory rhubarb recipes… A couple years ago I tried out a French lentil, spinach, and roasted rhubarb recipe. It was surprisingly delicious. Think outside the pie, people. Rhubarb is more flexible than you think!

Dandelion Greens: Give these tasty bitter greens a try—very healthy and a bit more interesting than kale or chard. Plus we don’t yet have many bunched greens so for retailers this could be an exciting option to liven up your local foods grocery case!

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