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For Monday April 25

Posted 4/22/2016 11:53am by Emily Best.

CHECK OUT TODAY’S LIST! We’re so excited to FINALLY see some new items!  

What this means: Get your orders in EARLY. If we get your orders in early, we have more opportunities to increase orders with our growers if possible. Additionally, we’ll soon be working with growers’ schedules to keep our dock workers on task, working efficiently, and being sure to catch any quality control issues. So the earlier we know your orders, the sooner we can make any adjustments with the growers, and then they can still make their deliveries on time. Plus – when you order early, you’ll be better able to get what you want!

Also: we are more or less sold out of carrots, beets, and shallots! Thank you!


BABY ARUGULA:  I love the bright fresh kick of baby arugula, and it’s a green that’s best in the early spring or fall. Get creative-- try something a little different than a plain old salad/

ASPARAGUS: YAY! It’s true! It’s on the list! We’ve got it! But not a lot!

BASIL: Getting in more basil so it’s on a 3 case discount. We expect to see even more basil soon, and we’ll start selling it in larger packs and at a lower price.

WHITE HAMMON SWEET POTATOES: We’ll soon be out of these for the season. We’ve dropped the price per instructions from the grower, so get your fill of these sweets before they’re gone.


Reminder: Plant order deadline is MONDAY at 3 PM.


Attention Buyers!

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