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For Monday May 30 - Memorial Day Edition

Posted 5/27/2016 11:03am by Emily Best.

We will be open on Monday, May 30th. The veggies don’t stop growing so we don’t stop selling! Deliveries will occur as usual on Tuesday, May 31st.

In other news, it’s freaking HOTTT up in these hills. So much for beautiful 75 degree days, now it’s just hot and humid. But it’s great for the plants (and the BERRIES). Strawberries are making their first appearance on the list today so please contact us asap with your berry orders. No guarantees at this point in the season as availability is still hit or miss depending on speed of ripening.

ALSO! Emily will be at the Dupont Circle Farmers Market this weekend hawking New Morning Farm produce. It looks like it’ll be a really beautiful market day and I’m sure there will be plenty of berries and other exciting spring items. Come on out and say hello (and buy some produce, of course!)  


Head Lettuce: I made a delicious salad last night with romaine and butterhead lettuces, plus some baby spinach, and a little bit of a Diva cucumber. And I’m having it again for lunch today! Salads are such a refreshing option when the weather’s this hot.  

Asparagus: Lots coming in for Tuesday. The asparagus is loving this weather!  

Maple Syrup: One of our Amish families has cousins up in NY State who make Certified Organic Maple Syrup, so we are carrying a limited supply. We can get in more if there’s interest. We have 3 colors available: Golden, Amber, and Dark. See price list for pricing and size info. Pancakes, anyone?

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