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For Nov 18

Posted 11/15/2016 12:51pm by Emily Best.

Natalie took this photo last week at Sunny Ridge Farm – farmer Daniel Beiler put up a HUGE high tunnel this past year for tomatoes in summer and greens in winter. The tunnel is so long that you can barely even see the end of it in this photo! Those strips of green will be the baby greens we’ll be selling in mid-winter!  

Still no sign of brussels sprouts, unfortunately. We are seeing more cauliflower coming in. Broccoli is still going strong, as are winter squash. We are getting in another load of spaghetti squash so be sure to stock up if you need it.  


CELERIAC: We’ll have this flavorful root crop all winter long but now’s a great time to start getting it into your stores and menus!  

GARLIC: Shout out to our garlic (again)! We roasted several bulbs this week to use as we wish. We seem to be out of the white garlic but the red and purple striped are in abundance!  

POBLANO PEPPERS: Yes, we still have peppers!  

MIXED COLOR CARROTS: We love this mix of colorful carrots, coming from a couple growers. Root veggies aren’t ALL white (no offense, celeriac), so get your mix on with these carrots.

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