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For Nov 4

Posted 11/1/2016 12:46pm by Emily Best.

Each season seems to have its color: spring is green, summer… well, maybe summer is red like tomatoes, but fall – fall is definitely orange. From butternuts to carrots to the elusive turmeric to the fallen leaves, shades of orange illuminate the season.  Thanks to Chaia in DC for the wonderful image of our sweet potatoes.   Here’s a cranberry question: We normally are able to offer organic fresh cranberries in cases with 8 oz bags. This year, our cranberry supplier is only able to do 30 lb bulk bags, which we’ll be selling for $240. We have heard that it was a poor year for the cranberries, which is why they are at a higher price than in the past. Please let us know if you are interested in purchasing cranberries, and if so, how many cases you would want. We will be placing the order by early next week.  


BROCCOLI: STILL GOING STRONG on broccoli. Do your part. Eat some broccoli. I have been eating some every day! Roasted, steamed, soup, pizza – a versatile, delicious and healthy seasonal item! Contact us for special bulk pricing!  

JALAPENO &  POBLANO PEPPERS: Eric Lichty at Shoestring Acres still has lots of these peppers. Eventually, he won’t (although seems like these peppers are lasting forever, right!). We’re happy to offer these in 20 lb cases for those interested in a larger order.  

GARLIC: Red, white, and purple-striped garlic varieties are all still available! Support your local garlic grower!  

WILDFIRE BABY LETTUCE MIX: Lots of folks love our sweet & spicy mix but I want to give a shout to our wildfire mix – it’s a mild blend of red and green baby lettuces. Perfect for a quick salad base with a silky smooth and crunchy texture.

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