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For Nov 8

Posted 11/4/2016 12:48pm by Emily Best.

Happy Friday! Taking a break from our usual veggie photo to bring you this adorable kitten! Nelson, one of the drivers at Landisdale Farm, found the kitten on the road on the way to our warehouse yesterday. And then somehow it ended up at my house, funny how that happens. Anyway, now the kitten is here at the office keeping us company today.   In other news, we are still waiting for the cauliflower to hit its peak and for brussels to start coming in! I know many of you are anxiously awaiting that crop (as are we) but the weather and conditions are just not cooperating!  


BROCCOLI: STILL GOING STRONG on broccoli. Need I say more? We are having a strong broccoli season, so keep on going with it. Your customers love broccoli, I’m sure!  

BUNCHED RADISHES: Jarrah Cernas at Chicano Sol has lots of lovely bunched radishes for Tuesday sales – white radishes and red, 12 ct. Lovely for whole root to stem use.  

TURNIPS: This underrated veggie is a fall and winter standby, and we’ve got growers eager to move them early. Versatile, mild, and easy to prep, check out some turnips for your order this week. Sweet white turnips and purple tops are especially abundant.  

BUTTERNUTS: Another old seasonal standby. I personally love roasted butternuts, simply prepped with olive oil and salt (and maybe some butter…). We have lots available so ask us about special bulk pricing, or if you need a particular size.

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