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For October 21

Posted 10/18/2016 9:48am by Emily Best.

A note on potatoes: across the board, our growers all had a bad potato year, mostly attributable to the dry conditions. Although most of them irrigate, many had to prioritize crops when they saw their wells, ponds, and streams running low, and the potatoes didn’t make the cut. Our growers only have small potatoes and we know that our customers sometimes want larger ones! We searched far and wide within our network of growers and couldn’t find anyone with larger potatoes. So this year we are ordering in potatoes early from our friend Jim Gerritsen at Wood Prairie Farm in Maine. Our first delivery comes this week, 49 cases each of Gold and Red LG potatoes, all certified organic, of course. The potatoes are clearly identified as from Maine for those of you who do not want to source from that far away.  


HIGHLIGHTS:                                                                                                            CELERY: Jake Stoltzfus at Sunrise Farm is growing our celery this fall – we are excited to be able to offer this crop as it is not an easy one to grow! But it is so worth it. Local, seasonal celery is so much more flavorful than what you can get at the store, and it’s much brighter in color because we don’t blanch it. This is a short season crop so be sure to STALK up now!  

SPECIALTY SWEET POTATOES: Dan Landis at Landisdale Farm grows a wide variety of sweet potatoes, including the very popular Deep Purple Sweet Potatoes (purple through and through). He spoke with me last week about his harvest and said he preferred to offer the Deep Purples in 10 lb cases this year due to a poor harvest. We will still have the Japanese (purple skin with yellow interior), the White Hammons (white inside), and the Hernandez (similar to standard but very flavorful!) in the 20 lbs cases.  

ONIONS: We were running low on sweet onions but we are getting in another delivery from a far-flung PA grower. We will have these as long as they hold up!

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