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For October 25

Posted 10/21/2016 12:27pm by Emily Best.

I actually got over to Path Valley this week to visit Sunny Ridge Farm with Lisa from Washington’s Green Grocers. We took a shortcut up and over one of the ridges in the area and the drive was just fabulous – red, orange, and yellow leaves fluttering around, the sky clear and blue. And then the visit with Daniel and Barbara was illuminating – Daniel showed us his new strawberry patch, tucked into his low tunnels, hoping that his berries will beat the field berries by a week or two (so do we)! We saw his 1/3 acre tunnel where he grew his heirloom tomatoes, and discussed his plans to try some early cucumbers. It’s always a pleasure to get out to the growers and see what they are doing and planning.  

Our lovely photo comes from Arthur at DC Harvest restaurant on H St NW – of the beautiful Red Kale coming from Help From Above Farm!


CHERRY TOMATOES: This is not a drill! A grower, Abram Stoltzfoos, called us out of the blue and offered us 50+ cases of cherry tomatoes. He reports that they are a mix of mainly pink and red tomatoes. We are excited to meet him and see these cherry tomatoes – I guess that warm spell earlier this week brought them back into production!  

SWEET WHITE TURNIPS: Great time of year for these sweet turnips. They aren’t a storage turnip, so we will only have them during the fall. With a sweet and mild flavor, these turnips are a versatile item for your fall dishes.  

GREEN BELL PEPPERS: Still hanging on! Help us get rid of these green bell peppers!!  

BABY ARUGULA: One of my personal favorite greens, our baby arugula should pack a punch, albeit a mild punch. I love its peppery, crisp flavor. We have baby arugula available in 1.5 lb and 5 lb cases as well as bagged to your specifications (4 oz bags are popular!).

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