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For October 28

Posted 10/25/2016 12:40pm by Emily Best.

I realized this morning that I was actually cold: and then I saw the temperature on our town’s clock and it was 41 degrees! Wow. It’s truly the fall now. Most of the trees outside the window have lost their leaves and the ones that remain are looking quite yellow and pale.   We are seeing our fall crops strengthening in number: broccoli, winter squash, sweet potatoes. We are starting to think about Thanksgiving orders – if you know you’re looking for fall items for the holiday, please let us know and we can start working on getting that produce for you.  


CHERRY TOMATOES: We will have another round of those beautiful late cherries for Friday delivery BUT not that many!    

BROCCOLI: Still going strong!! In fact, even stronger than before. Lots of broccoli available. Please check with us if you’re interested in special pricing.  

HEAD LETTUCE: Cool nights and low autumn lights make for tasty, crisp head lettuce. We’ve been short on this product for most of the season but it’s back now! Red leaf, green leaf, and green romaine all available in quantity.  

JALAPENO PEPPERS: Our growers are out harvesting the last (??) of their peppers before it frosts tonight. Eric Lichty of Shoestring Acres has a bounty of fall peppers – help us help him! Let’s sell out of these jalapenos (and poblanos, too).  

CELERY: Ok, I mentioned this last time but it’s seriously SO GOOD. Great for fresh eating or cooking!

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