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For Sept 2

Posted 8/30/2016 12:56pm by Emily Best.

The season is slowly but surely changing… appearing on the list this week is more winter squash, sweet potatoes, and most excitingly, GRAPES. The grapes are a bit tentative because while we know that we are getting 4 varieties in, we won’t be sure about quantities until later Wednesday. If you’re interested in these, please let us know and we’ll do our best to get you what you want. We are also hearing that we may start seeing more raspberries soon, so cross your fingers that they’ll be ramping up production!   We’re also seeing a lot of hot peppers coming in. Our photo today comes from farmer Eric Lichty at Shoestring Acres: he is having a bumper year for his jalapenos and you can see his plants are just loaded!   Lots of melons, tomatoes, and bell peppers are still coming on strong, so summer’s not over yet.


GRAPES: Our grapes come from Craig Lembke who farms on the banks of Lake Erie. He trucks them down to us every Autumn. This year, we’re starting out with four varieties: Jupiter, Fredonia, Buffalo, and Agawam.  They are sold in cases of 12 x 1 qt clamshells.                

Jupiter:  a seedless type with large, oval blue-purple berries with a mild but pleasant flavor.                

Fredonia: a large, deep purple grape, with a sweet, spicy flavor great for eating, juice, jams, or wine.                

Buffalo: a finely flavored early ripening grape, with a juicy-sweet, melting tender flesh.                

Agawam: an old variety red grape, developed in the early 1800’s.  

CHERRY TOMATOES: Our list this week is out of control. Lots of varieties available!!  

WHITE SWEET CORN: We have a limited amount of white sweet corn coming from New Morning Farm. It does have some worms at the tips – 20% of the ears or less will have a worm – so we do NOT recommend this corn for retailing.

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