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For Sept 23

Posted 9/23/2016 1:02pm by Emily Best.

Grape update! We got in our first shipment of concords on Thursday, along with a few cases each of Agawam Pinks and Niagara Green grapes. We have more to sell for Tuesday’s delivery, so keep those great orders coming! Today’s photo comes directly from grower Craig Lembke up in NY State – he drives all the way down here to our warehouse just to deliver his hand harvested grapes as fresh as possible. I hope someday soon to visit his farm! We’re expecting more grapes later this week, weather depending. He says it’s been quite hot on his farm, and they don’t like to harvest when it’s too hot, so the next delivery may not be until early next week.  

I’m also hearing from several growers that we will start seeing larger quantities of baby greens, including sweet and spicy, mesclun mix, mustard greens, and more. One grower, Joseph Zook, told me today that the baby greens just love these long cool nights – they’re just soaking it in and growing fast!  


HOT PEPPERS: We’re not letting the summer heat disappear quite yet. In our region, hot peppers don’t produce until LATE in the season and so now we’re seeing large numbers available. Time to make hot sauce that you can enjoy until the next hot pepper harvest!  

MUSTARD GREENS: Steven Stoltzfus at Hickory Nut Farm is experimenting with baby greens this fall and he’s got a lot of mustard greens and mizuna, including purple mizuna. These greens add lots of flavor – I had a mustard green and beet salad recently at The Pig and the two flavors complimented each other so well!  

OYSTER MUSHROOMS: Don Lake at Lakewood Farm reports that his oyster mushrooms are LOVING this weather and he’s seeing an increase in production. These mushrooms are flavorful, with a hint of fruitiness, and are quick to cook. Could be a nice combination with baby mustard greens!

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