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For Tues Aug 23

Posted 8/19/2016 1:29pm by Emily Best.

We’ve been shorthanded this week as a couple of folks were out with a family emergency. I want to give a shout out to our dock and drivers who put in extra time on top of an already long schedule, and especially to Taylor and Norma, who covered shifts and did double duty. THANK YOU!  

Produce updates: we’re hearing that Grand Gala and Ginger Gold apples will be available for Monday. We’re also having a bit of a blip in green bean harvests so hang tight for beans. And big apologies to those who got late shorted on corn last night. It’s been a bear of a year for sweet corn.


SUGAR BABY WATERMELON: One of our best melons this time of year, the Sugar Babies have a dark green, almost black rind, with a light pink, sweet interior. We have a large supply of the 4-6ct size, and can do some special pricing if interested in large quantities.  

KALE: Now that it’s getting towards the end of August, our kale supply is back up. Lots of green kale available, with smaller quantities of redbor and lacinato. Soon, we’ll even have collards! I still like kale finely chopped into a lettuce and other greens salad, because I’m just too lazy to massage it. A great seller year round!  

ZUCCHINI and SQUASH: After a brief hiatus, summer squash is in full swing (except for those pesky Gold zucchini, which are extra sensitive to weather and susceptible to diseases). Lots of raven, yellow squash, and patty pans available. If you’ll believe, this season doesn’t last forever so make sure you get your fill.  

BASILS: Not too much Italian basil available, but we’ve got purple, lime, and Thai basils available this week.  Try these unique, bright summer herbs before they’re gone!  

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