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For TUESDAY April 12

Posted 4/8/2016 12:13pm by Emily Best.

Imagine our surprise as snow flurries blasted into the region this morning… not cool, Mother Nature, not cool. Our growers must work extra hard to protect their new young crops which got a head-start a couple weeks ago when it was so warm. We’re particularly worried about the orchards in our area.

On that note, I want to remind everyone who has been ordering plants that these cold and windy conditions require treating the delicate seedlings with extra care and attention. If at all possible, keep your seedlings INDOORS overnight when it is below 40 degrees and windy. If you can’t keep them indoors, PLEASE be sure to cover the plants with a sheet or plastic tarp to protect them from the wind and the worst of the cold. Additionally, keep an eye on the moisture level – generally you can water a little bit less when the weather is cold and dark, but windy conditions can cause plants to dry out. If you have any questions about caretaking of your plants, please feel free to contact us in the office. 


POTATOES: We heard about a grower in Maine, Jim Gerritsen at Wood Prairie Farm, who needed to move some potatoes, so we jumped at the opportunity. We will have GOLD and (a few) RUSSET potatoes available for delivery on Tuesday, with more varieties coming later. We know that many of our gold potatoes earlier this year had issues with the hollow heart, but we guarantee that these do not suffer that problem. Additionally: we know these are a “regional” product vs a “local” one, but we feel that at this time of year, if we need to go a bit farther afield to keep the list full and varied. These are NOT new potatoes, btw: they are fall harvest.

KALE: Greens are a bit skimpy today due to the cold temps, but we will have some kale. I made a stew last night with red lentils, carrots, and kale to mix up my usual salad routine, and I was pleasantly reminded how tasty kale can be!

WINTER ROOTS: Before things warm up for good! We’ve still got parsnips, Jerusalem artichokes, winter radishes, and rutabagas! Make those soups, stews and roasts before it’s too hot to cook!

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