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For Tuesday Aug 16

Posted 8/12/2016 1:06pm by Emily Best.

  This summer is bursting out the seams. Melons, tomatoes, peppers—so much abundance! Right now we are seeing a huge influx of CANTALOUPES, 6-9 ct sizing. If interested in bin quantities, please let us know and we can work with you on special pricing.  

Also new this week: as a result of slower than expected heirloom tomato sales due to a flooded marketplace, we’re bringing back the “TOG Overly Ripes,” where you’ll find RIPE heirlooms at rock bottom prices. Great for restaurants, not so great for retail. Use now!  

And in a surprise turn of events, we’ll have some spaghetti squash available, with more winter squash soon to arrive. We know: you don’t want to be rushed into fall. But spaghetti squash goes great with summer produce!   


REDBOR KALE: We’ve been a little low on kale recently due to the hot temps but the redbor is holding strong! Soon it will cool off and we’ll have high numbers of the more popular varieties, but if you’re in need of kale and want some pop on your plate, choose red!  

CHERRY TOMATOES: Not a huge year for our famous Sungolds but we do half a great mix of other types of cherry tomatoes, including the MIXED Variety pints. Quite lovely and tasty. Lots of black cherries, red, and yellows available.

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