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For Tuesday Aug 30

Posted 8/26/2016 11:49am by Emily Best.

Just a little vent: We’re hearing from several of our growers that they’re struggling to find reliable workers, as are we in our facility. It’s a huge problem in agriculture and hits us especially hard this time of year. The tomatoes are ripe, the raspberries are coming on, the season’s not over: but who’s going to do the tough seasonal work of picking, packing, and shipping? We’re all paying above minimum wage, sometimes far above it, yet struggle to maintain employees due to the nature of the job. I’ve read a lot of about the shortages of cooks for restaurants, so I know many of you can relate to this frustration. In rural areas, those who want to get ahead often leave to find better paying, more secure jobs, and this leaves agriculture always playing catch up.  

Now, on to the produce…  


HEIRLOOM TOMATOES: Yep, we’ve still got ‘em! In lots of shapes, colors and sizes.  

GARLIC: Our garlic is all cured and dried now, and ready for sales! We have large amounts available and can work on special pricing if interested.  

ONIONS: Lots of onions available, too! Onions are all cured now as well. In the sweet onion category, you may be sent Candy, Walla Walla, or other sweet varieties. If you have a variety preference, please let us know!  

BELL PEPPERS: While not picture in my gazpacho photo above, we do have an abundant supply of bell peppers, especially green bells. But sweet red bells are available now too!

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