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For Tuesday Aug 9

Posted 8/5/2016 1:10pm by Emily Best.

This season is a real learning experience for me – figuring out the ups and downs of supply and demand, what folks want when, and what is growing abundantly. One huge priority for the co-op over the slow season will be to address some of the dips and peaks in supply – even things out to ensure a steady supply throughout the season. Our goal is to be a reliable supplier of high quality, local, organic produce, and we know there’s always room for improvement. There will be a few unexpected shortages this week (low on squash and kale); please bear with us through this dip.  


GARLIC: Lots of garlic available! I just switched from using garlic scapes to fresh garlic cloves and I can’t get enough of it. Full flavored, not too strong, delicious.  

HOT PEPPERS: The hot peppers are starting to come in! Jalapenos are most abundant, but look for hot wax and banana peppers too. Feel the burn!  

LARATTE FINGERLING POTATOES: Farmer Stevie Stoltzfus’s harvest came early this year and his LaRatte’s are ready to go! Lovely little potatoes. These will be available for a while but get a head start!  

RADISHES: Well, not the most special item this time of year, but we do have lots of radishes available and they are super cute, crunchy and tasty!

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