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For Tuesday Dec 6

Posted 12/2/2016 11:06am by Emily Best.

This is the time of year when we start running low on some popular items. Vegetables go out of season, after all. But there are some things that are staples, which aren’t totally out of season, but just a little bit out of reach for our growers in our climate. So we start looking beyond local produce—we start looking at what is regional. Some years, we bring in cabbage and onions from Porter Farms in NY. We may have to do that this year, but we haven’t yet. We’re already bringing in potatoes from our friends at Wood Prairie Farm in Maine. And this year, we are trying something we haven’t done in many years – bringing up bunched greens (and a few cases of spring onions) from Eastern Carolina Organics, in Durham, NC. These items will be indicated on the price sheet with (NC), so you can distinguish them from any of our growers’ own produce.  

While supporting our LOCAL farmers is most important, we can’t do everything all year long - so it becomes vital to support REGIONAL agriculture. Yes, these greens traveled a bit farther than our usual produce. But the farmers in NC are good growers, serving us well. And by supporting us, and the farmers at ECO, you continue to support our cooperative and our farmers, instead of taking your dollars elsewhere (like to CA kale, for example).  As always, I’m happy to answer any questions or hear out your concerns about this product. Thank you!  


CELERIAC: I’ll probably feature this one about every two weeks, as it’s a standard item for us every fall/winter, and surprisingly versatile. I added some to mashed potatoes recently – delicious.  

BABY ROMAINE HEADS: Mark Stanley at Help From Above Farm grows these adorable lettuce heads every December – they’re only available for a short time as head lettuce doesn’t like our dark winter days.  

SPINACH: Always reliable in the winter, spinach is a great addition to our line up – our tender young and baby are both perfect for salads and more.

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