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For Tuesday Jan 3

Posted 12/30/2016 11:19am by Emily Best.

Happy New Year, everyone! We’re busy lining up production for next year and already we can see that we’ll need more greens for next winter. Our grower Daniel Beiler at Sunny Ridge Farm has a HUGE greenhouse (not the one pictured today, though), with lots of sweet & spicy, but it seems like we could always sell more. We’ll be a bit low on greens for Tuesday (other than sweet & spicy), but we’re calling everyone to try to bring in as many as we can.  

We also won’t have any bunched greens from Eastern Carolina this week as the logistics didn’t work out over the holiday weekend, but we do intend to have those greens on the list. Similarly, we’re a bit low on potatoes for this delivery but we are receiving a delivery of PA grown Gold Potatoes for Friday deliveries and we’ll be restocked on All-Blue Maine Potatoes soon as well.  


BUTTERNUTS: Still good, folks. Lots of butternuts! Warm up your kitchen while you roast your squash. Butternuts are even good for breakfast!  

CARROTS: Our carrots come in all colors! The mixed cases are especially popular. We expect to have lots of baby mixed available for this week’s sales, too.  

SWEET POTATOES: If you didn’t get enough Vitamin A from your carrots and butternuts, try a sweet potato or two. Versatile and tasty. Easy to prep. Delicious!

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