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For Tuesday January 10

Posted 1/6/2017 10:40am by Emily Best.

Well, we got our first real snow here last night: a full two inches! Fortunately it came down early enough that it didn’t affect our deliveries or our commutes.  

Winter greens update:  we will be short on sweet & spicy going forward (until it regrows). For this week, look for baby spinach, baby lettuce heads, and baby/young kales and chards.  

We are receiving more produce from Eastern Carolina Organics this week: head lettuce, bunched kale, collards and mustard greens, spring onions, and 1 lb bulk cilantro. We’re excited about these products as it helps keep our team busier and (hopefully!) makes our list a bit more appealing during these sparse winter months.  

In some personal news: I am due to have a baby in just a little over a week, and will be out on maternity leave for a couple of months! Natalie and Taylor, plus the rest of the TOG team, will be keeping things steady here in the office.     


BLUE OYSTER MUSHROOMS : Don Lake of Lakewood Farm tells us he is having a bumper crop of blue oyster mushrooms! It’s not often we get a bumper crop of anything in January, so try out these delicacies. They’re super nutritious and so beautiful.  

ALL BLUE POTATOES: These taters are coming from Maine, and available in 50 lb cases. They’re blue inside and out and keep their color if you roast them.  

PURPLE STRIPED GARLIC: We’re getting a big delivery of purple striped garlic on Monday from Specktown Green Meadows. This is a very flavorful garlic and so named for the purple stripes on the wrappers and skins. The cloves may be slightly smaller than the red garlic.

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