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For Tuesday July 12

Posted 7/8/2016 10:42am by Emily Best.

Read a great review of Kyirisan in the Post yesterday and came across a little gem of wisdom from Tom Sietsema that CARROTS ARE THE NEW KALE. Some thoughts on this: We’ve been waiting to see what the “new kale” would be for years…some have thought cauliflower (flash in the pan, as it were), some said brussels sprouts (too high maintenance), but now, carrots…I think this is it, the real “new kale.” Carrots are so versatile, plus they are available locally most months of the year, and they come in the most gorgeous colors. And what great timing for this pronouncement! Our growers are harvesting more summer carrots every day, so get on trend and get some carrots! We should have them available from now until… March!      


Rhubarb: It’s back! In smaller quantities than the spring. Rhubarb can be harvested all summer long, as long as you care for the plant properly by not allowing it to flower, and thinning away the smallest stalks. And of course, keep it well watered! And rhubarb’s not just for strawberries – while we don’t have berries on the list today, you can pair it with other seasonal fruit, or go savory!  

New Potatoes: Getting in a nice variety of colors and sizes of new potatoes now – I’ve been lunching on a green bean, potato, and it’s been perfect for these hot summer days!  

Zucchini + Summer Squash: Still going, folks! Lots of varieties available. I’d always been underwhelmed with squash but have come to really appreciate its subtle flavors this summer. Lots of creative things to do with squash – get it on the grill to beat the heat.  

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