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For Tuesday July 5

Posted 7/1/2016 11:15am by Emily Best.

Happy Independence Day! I hope many of you are able to get out and enjoy a long weekend, or at least relax at a pool for a few hours.  

We have lots of produce available, finally. Cucumbers of many varieties and sizes, summer squash, fennel, beans, peas, and more. We’re starting to get in Heirloom tomatoes, too!  Look for new lower prices on many items.  

We’re also hearing that BLUEBERRIES are in the short-term forecast; hoping we’ll have some for Friday deliveries. We do have a few black raspberries for Tuesday delivery; not yet sure about Friday.  We’re also hoping for a little bit of sweet corn to start coming in soon!  

A couple reminders: 1) order early!! It helps us better calibrate what to bring in to get you what you want.  2) Let us know if you’re interested in bulk quantities—we can often do special pricing on larger orders!  


Lettuce, Small Heads: We’re in a bit of a lull with full size head lettuce so we brought in some small head lettuce. It’s beautiful and tasty; give it a try.  

Fennel: This mild, flavorful vegetable is versatile and a great way to add flavor to a salad. You can eat the ribs, too!  

Radicchio: This heirloom green is coming from Tony Ricci at Green Heron Farm; bitter and full of flavor, it’s an excellent addition to many plates!  

Green Kale, 24 ct: Mark Stanley at Help From Above is flooded with kale so it’s on the list at an AMAZING price!

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