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For Tuesday June 14

Posted 6/10/2016 11:29am by Emily Best.

On Wednesday, I took some time to travel out to Path Valley to visit a few growers. Snapped some great shots of their growing produce, including this green zucchini! If the warm temps stay up, we’ll definitely see lots of summer squash appearing on the list. I also saw Country View Farm’s fava beans, which are (hopefully) making their first appearance this weekend – we should have a few cases to send out Tuesday, and then probably many more for Friday.  

It’s a challenging list right now, folks. LOTS of greens, garlic scapes, and tomatoes – but not much else. The variable weather has really affected our growers. Many had hail this past week, which damaged strawberries, zucchini, and other items. It was quite cool earlier in the week and that has slowed things as well. We are having a bit of a difficult spring, so bear with us, please!    

HIGHLIGHTS:   RAINBOW CHARD: We have lots of chard coming, rainbow, green or red. The Washington Post had a great rundown their food chat on Wednesday on great recipes for chard. It’s not my favorite but I must admit that a simple sautee with garlic scapes, scallions, and some lemon juice can never be wrong. I like to make it as a side to my scrambled eggs on Saturday mornings.  

SCALLIONS: Our primary scallion grower just cleared out their patch! Now at a 3 case discount price for both red and white scallions. We aren’t expecting fresh onions for at least another 3 weeks so go for scallions to get that oniony flavor.

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